Part reality - part life-calling - and part rock & roll fantasy.
A Rockumentary From A Rockaholix Perspective
dedicated to Free Speech that leads us all to peace through the power of Rock & Roll...
YES! Rock is that powerful!


R.A. Memberships:

The R.A.
Serenity Prayer:

Higher Power...
grant me the serenity
to see the best
in people especially when
they make it really hard to and
give us the good fortune
to hang with people
who make things fun and the wisdom to know that there is enough ROCK for everyone to ROCK ON -
so that we can all
ROCK ON together
in the name of PEACE!

The R.A. Watch Words
Of Our Faith:

Being lead to ROCK our ROCKIN'
Higher Power
shows us signs everywhere everyday
that we are all here
to ROCK ON &
to inspire others to ROCK ON
by allowing the love, light,
& freedom of expression -
that is at the essence of ROCK
and how it leads us all -
each in our own way -


R.A. Affirmation:
I am a Rocker 4 PEACE –
a rockaholix who is healing
by allowing the force of ROCK
to heal me, my life, and all those around me.
Long Live ROCK!

R.A. Tools:
With the R.A. 12 Steps -
leading the way -
we can help other fellow Rockaholix as well as ourselves.
And YES! ROCK can be
practiced safely...
so we don't have to give up our addiction to ROCK
if we can follow the pathways to practicing
"Safe Rock"

R.A. Matto:
(best done as a rap)
Jazz feed the Funk –
Funk feel the soul
and ROCK has the heart
that makes us whole.

R.A. Conviction:
We can do it. We can save the planet
with the power of Rock.
Rock roots go deep – they are dedicated to Freedom of Expression - Free Speech is at the heart of ROCK and can lead us all to Peace through
the power of ROCK & YES...
And let us always remember
the wise words of the
Rockin' Prophet...
Robert Plant:

"To be a ROCK and not to roll!"


You too can become a Rockaholix Anonymous member!

And you get this AWESOME sticker!

With your R. A. membership you receive:

1. Your Official R. A. Membership card

2. Your Official R. A. Membership certificate
(Certifying that you are a certified Rockaholix!)

3. A copy of the Official R. A. 12 Steps,
& 7 Pathways to Practicing "Safe Rock"

4. 5 "R. U. A. Rockaholix?" cards with the a checklist
(to see if one qualifies as a Rockaholix)
to give to 5 friends who you think may be Rockaholix.

5. 2 totally groovy R. A. Bumper Stickers for your car
(& one for your instrument case) & The Rockin
4 Peace Sticker.

6. And updates (on the progress of & ways to be part of):
"The Rockaholix" Rockin' Comedy Movie Experience.



For when the whole world ROCKS together
we shall know peace - a peace that ROCKS!